Small, exquisite, unique and most of all beautiful, Kythnos is the rare diamond of the Western Cyclades!

Kythnos is the ideal location for those who love simplicity and an authentic travel experience. In less than 2 hours from the port of Lavrio, the visitor arrives to an hospitable and full of hidden beauties island that challenges you to discover!

Sandy beaches, picturesque villages, local delicacies, caves, museums, thermal baths and above all the warm and welcoming resiidents of Kythnos are some of the island’s characteristics.

With 92 (yes, ninety-two!) beaches, most of which are pristine with tamarisk trees, it is obvious that Kythnos attracts the visitor who seeks tranquility. Even during the high season, there is always a quiet and calm crowd-free cove if you are looking for privacy and the ultimate relaxation!

The island’s few beach bars are enough to offer comfort and fun without losing the relaxed atmosphere of the island!

With a strong Aegean character, Kythnos enchants with its “naked” landscape and the small white villages that you can quickly discover as the distances are impressively short.

Merihas, the quiet port with the most beautiful sunset of the Cyclades, the picturesque Dryopida with its rich history, Kanala with the great festival of Holy Mary (Panagia), the beautiful Chora with its alleys and the whitewashed courtyards and Loutra with the world-famous thermal springs are just a small sample of the uniqueness of this island.


The local cuisine has simple and traditional flavors in combination with local wine at the traditional tavernas of the island or right on the beach! In recent years, many remarkable efforts are made with really impressive results for the food lover to enjoy renewed Greek flavors. Next, an evening drink, keeps the tone low and fully harmonizes with the philosophy of the island!


In Kythnos with the many beaches there is always a windless side!

In the list of the organized beaches you can find Martinakia, Episkopi, Apokrousi and the multi-photographed and socially shared beach of Kolona with the narrow strip of sand that divides the sea in the middle into two sandy beaches on the same coast.

Beaches with primitive natural beauty, Gaidouromantra, Simousi, Skylos in the south and Agios Sostis in the north are waiting for you to discover them. The landscape is cool at Agios Dimitrios in the southwest, as the picture-perfect Kouri, Naoussa, Zogaki, Flampouria, Lefkes, Megali Ammos of Kanala, Agios Stefanos and at Agia Irini.

-At Chora, a walk in the alleys reveals walkways painted with flowers and other designs from the welcoming residents, visit the Folklore Museum and the numerous churches of the village.

-At Dryopida you must visit the Folklore and the Ecclesiastical & Byzantine Museum and through the alleys you can easily enjoy the coolness in the bowels of the earth, at Katafiki Cave.

-At Meriha, you can enjoy the authentic taverns on the beach and make sure you be at the right time in the port to enjoy the sunset for the most romantic photos of the summer!

-At Loutra “deep”, the point where the hot thermal water lies and gushes with the healing properties. Do not miss to visit the calm bay of Agia Irini.

-The fantastic chapels and the festivals of the island will be unforgettable!

Every August 15th at the Monastery of Panagia Kanala, with the wonderful view, the procession of the miraculous icon (1575) takes place and the largest chapel of the island! On August 22 follows the other big chapel in the church of Panagia Flambouriani!

-Buy pure local products! Capers, thyme, oregano, almonds, figs, olives, pears, and of course the famous and award-winning thyme honey that has a very high content of thyme and is considered one of the best in the world!

-Taste traditional delicacies, like “sfougkato” -a kind of cheese croquette-, pies from traditional ovens, pastries and pasteli, which is served especially at local weddings.

- Carved hiking trails cross the island, in the northern part of which dominates the Castle of Oria!

Minimal chic design inspired by the Cycladic aesthetic, bohemian atmosphere, bright white and natural materials are harmoniously combined, creating an unpretentious sense of comfort, intimacy and relaxation!

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